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Relationship Counselling

Counselling can help your relationship ā€“ London and Waltham Abbey

Is your relationship in difficulty? Relationship counselling will help.

  1. Do you feel disconnected, like separate people with little in common?
  2. Do your arguments go round in circles and never seem to find a resolution?
  3. Are you often criticised or dismissed by your partner?
  4. Is there a reduction in intimacy and affection?
  5. Are angry silences, jealousy and avoiding going out together part of your daily life?
  6. Is communication stifled, limited, superficial and unclear?
  7. Do you feel that other things are more important to your partner than you and your partner doesn’t attend to your needs?
  8. Are you worried about secrecy, dishonesty, trust and affairs?
  9. Do you use your children as a way of avoiding spending time alone with your partner?
  10. Do you feel unloved?

Relationship therapy can be helpful even when a partner chooses not attend or if you want to attend without your partner present. This can be useful when you are unsure about what to do, or when you are struggling with “should I stay or leave” dilemmas. Also where your partner is treating you with extreme contempt, hostility, rejection or abandonment and where there is aggression.

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