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Divorce or Separation Counselling

Counselling can help you during divorce or separation – we’re in London and Waltham Abbey

Divorce and separation is often an emotionally bruising experience which may leave you with a reduced sense of your personal worth, a feeling of loss and even a sense of shame. Counselling after a divorce or separation will help you work through your feelings, regaining your equilibrium, and your feelings of self-worth.

No two people will cope with the same situation in the same way – one person might be able to move on really quickly and throw themselves into a new relationship, for another it can take more time before they feel ready to move on. It isn’t healthy to live in the past but we occasionally need a bit of extra help to encourage us to move on and leave the past behind. 

We are always here to support you through difficult times so if you feel in need of a bit of extra support while going through divorce or separation or other family problems don’t hesitate to contact us.

Call me or fill out the contact form – this could be the first step to a happier life.